10 Proven Ways To Keep Your Pool Tiles Clean & Beautiful

Pool Tiles

Your swimming pool is the part of your house that adds value and beauty to it. But its purpose is not only to make your house attractive. Your pool is a place for exercise, fun, and relaxing in your free time. For it, you need to keep your pool and pool tiles clean and sanitary. We know that finding the right way to do this is difficult. So, we have compiled proven ways and tips you can use!

Proven Ways To Clean And Beautiful Pool Tiles

Here are tried and true ways to enjoy clean and beautiful tiles. You can easily choose a method from this list to keep your swimming pool tiles clean and beautiful.

1: Clean Off And Brush The Tiles

The first thing you have to do is to clean the tiles. You have to remove any kind of organic matter. This includes leaves, grass, dirt, and other things.  After removing them, you must take a stiff brush and brush the tiles with it in circular motions.

TIP: You can use a toothbrush for small areas as well. Toothbrushes are soft, and thus they are gentle on your tiles.

2: Clean Tiles With A Cleaner

You can use a cleaner made at home if your tiles are not frequently dirty. You can use mild solutions of water and vinegar, vinegar and baking soda, or water and dish soap. This is effective if your swimming pool tile only has minimal dirt, grime, and scale. After making the cleaner, you just have to scrub the tiles with a toothbrush.

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3: Clean Pool Tiles With A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are readily available at local hardware stores. You can purchase a pressure washer from there to help clean your pool tiles. Firstly, you will remove any organic matter. Then, you will just pressure wash everything away. Remember to purchase a pressure washer that at least reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, use protective gear for yourself in this method.

TIP: Start the pressure wash at the lowest possible setting and monitor its working on your tiles for 30 seconds. This helps you avoid unexpected tile damage.

4: Clean Swimming Pool Tile With Pumice Stone

You can easily purchase pumice stones at your local pool supply stores. This method is best if stubborn calcium silicate is present on your tiles for the swimming pool. Why? Because pumice stone effectively removes tough scales. It works very well on concrete, plaster, and pool tiles.

TIP: Do not use a pumice stone on vinyl and fiberglass swimming pool tiles.

5: Clean Tiles For Swimming Pool With An Acid Solution

The first step is to get the right protective clothing and gear. You need Muriatic acid in this method. You must mix one gallon of water with one gallon of Muriatic acid. Remember to add the acid slowly to a bucket of one-gallon water and mix the solution simultaneously. When the mixture starts to fizz, it is ready for use. You can clean the pool with this mixture and an acid-resistant brush.

How To Clean Waterline Pool Tiles

You can also easily clean the tiles lining your pool waterline. For this, you have to follow the steps listed down below for your convenience.

1: Remove Organic Matter

If your pool has any organic matter in it, remove that first. This organic matter includes leaves, grass, tree clippings, and others. You can use a pool vacuum or a net to eliminate them from your pool area.

2: Drop The Waterline (Optional)

It is easier to clean your pool waterline if the pool level is relatively low. This can be done with the help of a pool pump. But this step is optional. If you do not want to do this, skip it.

3: Scrub With A Suitable Brush

For this, you need a stiff-bristled brush. It should not have wire bristles at any cost. Use this brush in circular motions to scrub away all the minerals deposited on your waterline pool tiles. An old brush works well for areas that are tight and small. If you have glass tiles, a soft-bristled brush is recommended to prevent scratches.

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4: Remove Dirt, Grime, And Scale

Once the mineral deposits are loosened, you can work on the removal of dirt, grime, and scale from your pool tiles. This includes removing body oil, sunscreen, dust, and other accumulated stuff. A cleaning solution can get this job done for you. You can make two kinds of cleaning solutions for this:

  • Mixing a few drops of water with baking soda to make a paste

  • Adding one-quarter cup of dish-washing liquid soap in a gallon of water.

Then, dip the brush or a melamine sponge in the cleaning solution and rub the tiles. This process can be repeated again and again for the complete waterline area.

5: Use A Pumice Stone Or A Professional Cleaner

If the cleaning solutions mentioned in step four do not work, switch it to a pumice stone. The stone can easily break apart the mineral deposits. And so, remember to keep the tile and stone wet all the time; otherwise, scratches may appear.

If using a pumice stone does not work, switch to a professional cleaner. Purchase the cleaner that contains Sulfamic acid. Moreover, these cleaning solutions are harsh so they need to be handled very carefully. Remember to use protective gear while using it.

TIP: Remember to leave your pool as such for several days. So, wait to add pool chemicals to the pool or start using it afterward.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, a clean and serene swimming pool area is attractive to the eye and more enjoyable. Keeping your pool and tiles for the swimming pool cleaner will keep your pool safe and hygienic for you, your loved ones, and all your guests. We hope the above-mentioned ways help you keep your pool clean and sanitary. Get in touch with us now and make a unique and beautiful pool area where you can relax and have fun if you want new swimming pool tiles.