From Timeless to Modern: Kitchen Tiles For Sale For All Tastes

Your kitchen is the only corner where creativity speaks for itself. Whether it is a form of scrumptious dishes, attractive crockery, or contemporary backsplashes, you cannot keep your eyes from its beauty and vibrance.  Speaking of creativity, you can get kitchen tiles for sale from Tiles and Deco that perfectly describe your personality, illuminating your kitchen's vibe with its luxuriant designs and textures. 

Kitchen tiles have been used in homes for centuries. It was once meant to secure kitchen walls from splashes and stains, but now, it has become an integral part of home decoration and the creative process. There are so many types of tiles available on the market that you can choose from, and you can create your own design to make this corner more appealing. 

Homeowners and even designers are creating unique designs that give your kitchen a completely different look. Now, tiles are not for prevention, they are used to provide the kitchen with a hint of luxury and allure that makes it stand out. From marble to stone, porcelain to ceramic, each type of tile can change the aura of your kitchen through its immense beauty and durability. 

Let's talk about kitchen tile materials one by one.

1. Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Most homeowners and designers prefer Tiles and Deco’s reliable ceramic kitchen backsplash tiles. These tiles are perfect for backsplash as they are resistant to heat and chemicals and convenient to clean. With Our unique designs and a broad range of ceramic tiles, you can create any design or illusion that makes your kitchen the most vibrant corner of the home. 

2. Glass Kitchen Tiles

For more sophisticated and delicate homeowners, we have glass mosaic tiles for kitchen, full of intricate designs and a glazed appearance. These tiles are perfect when looking for options to give your kitchen a more shiny renovation. Tiles and Deco offer glass tiles in multiple colors so you can translate your vision into reality with complete freedom.

3. Stone Kitchen Tiles 

For people who love natural substances and want to reduce their carbon footprint, we have a perfect option for them as well. Our stone backsplash tiles can last for many years, giving your kitchen an ideal earthy look that makes your kitchen a natural oasis in modern homes. You can pair these tiles with natural plants and complementing furnishings and instantly get a more spacious and bright kitchen. 

4. Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

For tile enthusiasts who prefer sturdy yet appealing tiles for kitchen floors or walls, we offer our diverse porcelain tile kitchen backsplash. Our porcelain tiles are highly abrasion-resistant, waterproof, hypoallergenic, safe, and environmentally friendly. We have a vast selection of these tiles, allowing you to create a perfect space that simultaneously speaks to functionality and creativity. 

5. Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

for people who want something classic yet wish to experiment with their kitchens, we offer our attractive mosaic wall tiles for backsplash and walls. These tiles are made with patterns or images of small regular or irregular pieces of colored stone, glass, or ceramic, held in place by plaster/mortar and covering a surface. Our tiles are perfect to give your kitchen a timeless look with longevity, making it a sleek and stylish room of the house. 

Tile Colors That Tells Your Story

Tiles and Deco offers multiple colors in its tiles collection to help you choose and create any design you want. We don't want to limit your options to boring and typical color combos. Here are some of our most appreciated tile colors.



Sky Blue

Cream & Violet Snow White & Black

Aqua Green



Nero Marquina Snow White & Gray




Black Snow White & Black

Dark Grey



Light Mink

White & Silver


Emerald Green

Mint Green

Jade White Gray And Taupe

Where To Use Tiles In Your Kitchen

When choosing kitchen wall tiles, most people think of their backsplash. Tile is the perfect material that prevents kitchen walls from getting damaged or stains. Tiles and Deco understand that kitchen walls are more prone to splashes and grease, so we have brought up a few ideas that might help you create an ideal kitchen using our beautiful tiles. 

We have a unique white subway tile made with ceramic or stone for backsplashes, which gives the tile reliability and beauty. You can pair it with colored sinks or cabinets, and this kitchen will stay with you for eternity.

Another option is our glass wall tiles for backsplash, which allow you to create an attractive mosaic to give your kitchen more depth and brightness. Pair it with matching sinks, appliances, and cabinets, and viola! You get yourself an eccentric kitchen with attractive surroundings. 

Moreover, our agate and geode-patterned best tiles for the kitchen can also help you achieve an appealing result in your home. We created these tiles from glazed glass to reflect lights and make your kitchen more vibrant.  

Speaking of renovating the kitchen, don't forget to beautify its floor. Floor tiles are essential as they are water and stain-resistant for high-traffic areas. These tiles are easy to clean, giving your kitchen a more sleek and sophisticated look. 

To get the most out of our kitchen tiles floor, you can use our evergreen wood-look porcelain tiles. These tiles are perfect for the kitchen as they are dense and sturdy, absorbing all the moisture and giving you a dry and withered kitchen at all times. 

Another idea from our designers is to use our marble floor tiles in the color of your choice. These tiles are perfect for the kitchen floor as they give a sleek look while being easy to maintain, giving your kitchen a bold, luxurious look. 

Now that our backsplash and floor are ready, it's time to look for ideas for kitchen walls. While some people dont like to put tiles on the walls, these tiles can help you create a clean, hygienic vibe in your kitchen. Considering this, Tiles and Deco brought you multiple options. 

You can use our green natural stone and white porcelain best kitchen tiles if you want a vintage and rusty look for your kitchen. Combining these tiles with wooden plies will help you create a faux shiplap effect, making your kitchen a center of discussion at every gathering.

You can also use toupe or beige reflective glass tile panels to give your kitchen a more satiny look. With the help of glass, you can also use mosaics to have a bright and lustrous kitchen in your home with complementing furnishings.

Lastly, our personal favorite style is a kitchen made of white pearly marble tiles with white furnishings, cabinets, and a sink. This style will never go out of fashion, making you relevant in all gatherings and discussions.

You can also get playful using our agate and geode-patterned glass wall for a colorful, fun, and easy-to-clean look. With Tiles And Deco's recycled glass tile, you can create a sustainable and beautiful kitchen. Shop kitchen tile made of mosaics, glass, and porcelain to add a blue backsplash with a wood look.

Planning to DIY or get professional help to decorate your kitchen? Visit Tiles and Deco today and explore its vast collection of tiles perfect for walls, floors, and backsplashes. We can also help you design your kitchen with unique ideas and color combinations, allowing you to get a bold and luxurious corner. To place your order, visit us now!


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