Discover the Perfect Match: Free Tile Samples from Tiles and Deco

Ever happened to you that you ordered tiles in bulk with full anticipation and ended up disappointed? If yes, you have come to the right place. Tiles and Deco offers  free tile samples  to all of its customers, helping them choose the perfect tile that matches their home and vibe. This initiative is necessary as many people cannot judge the quality, color, and textures online.

People nowadays love to shop online and want everything to reach their doorstep. When it comes to home decor tiles, sometimes this attitude might backfire. Companies use different camera techniques and editing on their tiles to make them look more beautiful and aesthetic. However, in some cases, the reality hits differently, and you get a completely different tile that ruins your vision.

Why Should You Purchase Free Tile Samples From Tiles And Deco?

Getting a sample tile before buying can be beneficial as you are about to start a major renovation project in your house that needs both time and money. You can trust Tiles and Deco, which believes in transparency and quality and helps your tile decor last for a really long time. Here is why you should  get sample tiles for your dream space  .

1. See the True Colors and Textures

Cameras and photographs do not do justice to the tile’s colors and designs. By getting your hands on samples, you can accurately judge the quality and texture of the tiles. Moreover, it will also give you a clear idea of whether you should choose the tile or go for another option.

2. Test in Your Actual Space

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3. Mix and Match with Ease

Sometimes, you envision creating a design by mixing and matching tiles in a particular corner of your house. You cannot do this while scrolling through through websites online. Free samples will enable you to create a design before installing and decide on the perfect color and design that envisions your dream perfectly.

4. Evaluate Quality and Durability

All companies claim to send the highest quality tile that will last for several moons. However, cheap and low-quality tiles soon get damaged and make your house look dirty and chipped. Free samples will allow you to judge the quality and durability of your selected tiles, allowing you to choose the reliable tile for your home.

5. Save Money and Reduce Waste

Ordering large quantities and throwing them away costs you a lot of time and money. understand that it is your your-earned money, and you do not want to waste your time wandering store to store and unselecting tiles. Free samples are the perfect way to save money and reduce waste, as you can quickly return the rejected tiles at a minimal cost.

These are just a few reasons you should get free samples before purchasing large quantities. These samples allow you to create a perfect design with confidence and convenience under your budget. When starting a renovation project, many experts advise checking the samples before starting the final design. It will result in a more sleek and sophisticated design, making your house aesthetic and vibrant.

Selecting The Suitable Samples Tiles Online

Are you wondering where to  get free tile samples online  ? Tiles and Deco are here with the perfect solution. You can get your hands on the sample in some easy steps, helping you create a dream corner in your home. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  • Browse our tile collection and click on the design that catches your eye.

  • Navigate to the 'Select one' option and opt for a ‘‘Tile Sample’’.

  • Add your chosen sample to the shopping cart.

  • Proceed to checkout, where you'll only need to cover the shipping cost for your samples.

Sounds simple! Right. Another good thing is that the samples will cost you 0.99 cents per sample as shipping cost, and you can choose up to 5 tiles. These  samples will help you choose the ideal kitchen  , room, or bathroom tiles.

Selecting a perfect tile is a significant choice in house renovation. Nobody likes to get scammed or get faulty tiles that waste their time and money. Purchasing free tile samples can eliminate the confusion, and you can start the decorating process with confidence and pride.

 Tiles and Deco  has a reliable name in the tile industry. We have a vast collection of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles that enhance the beauty of your house. With your order, we offer excellent customer care service along with free samples that clear your mind. To get your hands on our samples, visit our website now!


Where to get free tile samples conveniently?

Tiles and Deco is one of the reliable places where you can get free samples of multiple tiles. You just have to pay the shipping cost, and the tiles will delivered to your doorstep

If we dont like samples, can we return them?

Yes, you can return the samples of selected tiles and get a refund instantly.   

Why do we have to pay shipping costs for free samples?

Most costing systems do not work on zero, so we put a menial price on our samples to record in our costing system, making our cash flow smooth and transparent.