Ideas and Tips on Installing and Incorporating Art Deco Tiles

Art deco tiles shine with bold geometric shapes, rich colors and a touch of luxury. Whether you dream of a bathroom that dazzles with elegance a kitchen that blends style with function or an entryway that welcomes guests with historic charm modern art deco tiles are your go to choice. But how do you start? And what should you keep in mind?

Art Deco Tiles

What Are The Latest Ideas For Incorporating Art Deco Tiles?

Incorporating Art Deco Tiles into your home offers a creative avenue to infuse spaces with elegance, glamor and historical richness. Below are innovative and stylish ideas to integrate these tiles into various parts of your home:

In the Bathroom

  • Install Art Deco Tiles Bathroom with intricate patterns behind the vanity to create a captivating focal point.

  • Choose bold geometric tiles for the floor to add visual interest and a sense of luxury.

  • Use these tiles in the shower area for a stylish nod to the past. Pair them with modern fixtures to seamlessly blend eras.

In the Kitchen

  1. A backsplash using these tiles can instantly uplift the kitchen's aesthetics marrying functionality with style.

  2. Dedicate one wall to these Decorative Kitchen Tile Patterns to introduce texture and color making the kitchen more dynamic and inviting.

Living and Dining

  • Create an accent wall with these deco tiles around a fireplace or dining alcove to serve as a striking backdrop for gatherings.

  • Moreover, these tiles are used as decorative borders along the walls or ceilings to add subtle yet impactful artistic touches.

  • In larger open spaces, these tiles define dining or sitting areas and exquisite floor designs can act as tile area rugs.

Entryways and Hallways

  • Lay deco tiles in your entryway or hallway to create a welcoming path with historical charm and elegance.

  • Use these deco tiles on one or both sides of your hallway to make a bold statement that guests won't forget.

Exterior Area

  • Incorporate these tiles into your patio floor or wall to bring the sophistication of the Art Deco era outdoors.

  • Additionally these add decorative details to outdoor kitchens, pool areas or garden paths bridging indoor and outdoor spaces with a cohesive aesthetic.

What Are The Tips For Installating Art Deco Tiles?

Installing Art Deco tiles can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, blending timeless elegance with modern design sensibilities. However, the installation process requires careful planning precision and attention to detail to ensure the final result meets your vision. 

Here are essential tips for the successful installation:

1. Plan Your Design

Have a clear design plan before beginning the installation. Accurate measurements ensure you purchase the right tiles including extras for cutting and removing waste.

2. Right Adhesive and Grout

The choice of adhesive is critical for ensuring the tiles adhere well to the surface. Also make sure to choose an adhesive compatible with deco tiles especially if it is made of unique materials or finishes.

4. Dry Lay the Tiles

Before applying adhesive lay your tiles on the surface to practice the pattern and ensure that everything fits correctly especially around corners and edges. Furthermore this step helps you make necessary adjustments before the permanent installation.

5. Pattern and Symmetry

With these deco tiles the beauty often lies in the details of the pattern. Ensure the pattern flows seamlessly across the surface especially in focal areas. Symmetry and alignment are key.

6. Cutting Tiles

Ensure you have the right cutting tools when cutting tiles to fit edges or around fixtures. A wet saw is typically recommended for precise cuts especially with porcelain or ceramic tiles.

7. Grouting and Sealing

Once the adhesive has set (usually after 24 hours) apply grout between the tiles wiping away any excess with a damp sponge. Depending on the type of tiles and the area of installation you might need to apply a sealant to protect the tiles and grout from moisture and stains.

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Decor Tiles are a testament to your unique style and the endless possibilities for personalizing your space. Therefore choosing and installing Art Deco tiles might seem like a journey of decisions making. Visit Tiles & Deco for an exquisite collection!


What makes Art Decor tiles unique?

Art Decor tiles are distinguished by their geometric patterns, bold colors, and the glamorous vibe they bring to any space, reflecting the opulence of the Art Deco movement.

Can Art Decor tiles be used in modern home designs?

Absolutely. Modern Art Decor tiles can complement contemporary decor by adding a touch of historical elegance and unique design elements.

Are Art Decor tiles suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, Art Decor tiles bathroom designs are particularly popular for adding sophistication and visual interest to bathroom spaces, making them functional and stylish.