Pool Tile Maintenance Hacks For a Gleaming Backyard Oasis

There needs to be more than just creating a perfect swimming pool area. To keep your pool a beautiful retreat, it's crucial to maintain it well. One vital part of this is looking after the Pool Tile. These tiles can gather dirt, minerals, and algae as time passes, making them lose their shine.


Most of the swimming pools are outside of the house. With constant temperature and environmental change, the pool starts to deteriorate. It is not feasible for anyone to call cleaning companies regularly. So, there must be a way how your pool stays shiny and clean for longer.


Today we will discuss the effective DIYs and hacks that can help you maintain the beauty of your swimming pool area for a more extended time.

Pool Tile

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Pool Tile Often?

Before delving into maintenance hacks, it's essential to understand why regular pool tile maintenance is crucial. Neglecting tile cleaning can lead to a buildup of calcium deposits, algae growth, and stains that mar the pool's appearance and affect water quality and circulation.


Proper maintenance keeps your Pool Tile visually appealing and contributes to a healthier swimming environment. The clean swimming pool also increases the value of your property.


A hygienic swimming pool and clean tiles create a luxurious environment that gives a pleasurable experience to the users. It defines the personality of the homeowner and his sophistication. Even for exercise or training purposes, clean tiles will help you stay sturdy and prevent any chances of slipping accidents.

Practical DIYs And Hacks To Maintain Tiles In Pristine Condition

Having a swimming pool is both enjoyable and comes with duties. Yet, the upkeep can discourage some from having their pool. The thought of daily maintenance can lessen the fun of summer and relaxation by the pool. While we can't remove all the responsibilities of a backyard pool, there are ways to handle them better and get more from your efforts.


Below are some of the most effective Pool Tile Cleaner hacks we've gathered. These hacks not only save you time but also help you save money in the long run.

1. Balance Water Twice a Week

Maintaining a proper water balance in your pool reduces the need for excessive chemicals. So, you should stick to a reliable schedule and test your water twice a week.  Buy a balance water testing kit and put one strip in the pool for a few seconds. After a while, put the strip out and leave it for a few seconds to show different colors for acidity, alkalinity, chlorine level, ph level, etc.


When the strip changes its colors, it matches it according to the instructions on the box. Adjust the water accordingly. For example, if it is more acidic, add soda bicarbonate to neutralize it.


This quick test can be completed in just a few minutes. Consistently testing your water saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent on adding chemicals and waiting for water balance.

2. Use Vinegar to Remove Calcium Scaling

Calcium scaling is inevitable, but removing it doesn't have to be a strenuous task. Although it might have a distinct odor, vinegar is a natural and effective way to remove calcium deposits.


You can dilute the vinegar, apply it with a sponge, clean the tiles thoroughly, and watch your pool walls regain their luster without excessive scrubbing.

3. Try Lime Juice for Metal Stains

Lime juice is a gentle yet powerful way to combat rust or metal stains on tiles. Unlike harsh chemicals, lime juice won't cause skin irritation or disrupt water balance.


You can mix lime juice with salt, apply it to the stains, and witness the stains disappear without harming your pool environment.

4. Use Baking Soda to Adjust the pH

Baking soda, a common household item, proves beneficial for pool maintenance. When pH levels are high, adding baking soda to the pool water helps bring them down.


Additionally, you can create a paste with baking soda and water to clean pool tiles effectively. This versatile solution simplifies both water balance and tile cleaning.

5. Invest in a Solar Cover for Heat Preservation

Solar covers are a valuable addition to your pool maintenance toolkit. Not only do they shield the water from external contaminants, but they also help retain heat.


Keeping your pool covered minimizes water and heat evaporation, ultimately saving energy and money. This way, tiles will face less heat and sun rays, and there are significantly fewer chances of them to damage.

6. Utilize Tennis Balls to Absorb Oils

Believe it or not, tennis balls can play a role in maintaining a clean pool. The fibrous material on the outer surface of tennis balls can absorb oils from the water.


Placing a few tennis balls in the water and a skimmer basket provides a natural and effective way to remove excess oils, such as sunscreen and tanning oil. This removal of oil is essential because clean and oil-free water causes less damage to your beautiful pool tiles.

7. Run Your Filter for Optimal Circulation

Good water circulation is a gift to your pool because evenly distributed heat and pool chemicals prevent water cloudiness. Instead of only running the filter when you're about to swim, aim to keep it running for at least 8 hours a day. This consistent circulation ensures a healthier and clearer pool environment.


Some of these hacks may sound weird and obnoxious, but believe us, they bring out the best results and make your swimming pool as shiny as a diamond.


While DIY techniques are effective for routine maintenance, it's wise to schedule periodic professional maintenance. Pool experts have the knowledge and equipment to deep clean tiles and address any issues requiring specialized attention.


Experts advise that the pool must be cleaned by a professional cleaner every six months. It will keep the pool healthy and fresh.

Maintaining the beauty and hygiene of your pool tile is essential to creating a captivating swimming pool area. Following the maintenance mentioned above, hacks, and DIY techniques, you can enjoy a shining pool that remains inviting for your family and guests. Remember, regular care not only enhances the visual appeal of your pool but also ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.


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What's the top choice for pool tile cleaner?

Well-known chemicals like 'Simple Green' and 'CLR' are highly effective for cleaning pool waterline tiles. Using an acidic cleaner can also do wonders for your pool, removing dirt, algae, minerals, stains, and chlorine residue all in one go.

How to clean pool floor tiles?

For light calcium deposits, use a soft brush and vinegar-water mix. If not practical, try water and muriatic acid solution (available at hardware or pool supply stores).

Does bleach make tiles white?

Essentially, bleach is a disinfectant. It does not whiten or clean the tiles. People often use it to remove stains and whiten surfaces, sometimes undiluted or in high concentrations, to tackle tile and grout issues.