Top 5 Basket Weave Tile Designs to Elevate Your Kitchen

Are you a fan of vintage designs and patterns? If so, basket weave tile is the perfect option for you. When decorating your home, this pattern will instantly boost the ambiance of your home. Popular in the 1900s to 1920s, this tile design is a historical and classic one that you can blend with today’s design styles.

One place in your home needs the most attention: your kitchen. It is where most of the action happens in a common household. You need a strong structure and eye-catching designs to make your kitchen vibrant and functional simultaneously. So, what is the solution here?

Let's delve into the world of kitchen tiling and learn how a basket weave pattern can revolutionize the environment of your kitchen altogether. 

What is Basket Weave Tile, and How Is It Installed?

You must be thinking about what basket weave design means. It is a series of layouts and patterns that help create a basket weave in your kitchen. Thanks to our diverse tile-making industry, you can use any tile color, design, or texture, including ceramic, porcelain, stone, or marble. To get this effect right, choose a tile with a rectified edge that enables you to utilize a 1mm grout width.

Now, how to install basket weave tile? Basket weave tiling is a complex pattern of rectangular or subway tiles. To create this, you must be able to put two or more tiles side by side to form a square shape. Assuming you put the initial tiles horizontally, you must arrange the following tiles vertically, switching the angle with each subsequent pair of two or more tiles.

To create a seamless basket weave wall tiles for kitchen, the color and lining of the grout are also essential. Choose a color that compliments your kitchen fixtures, creating an eye-catching ambiance. You can choose conventional colors like pink, beige, and white or unconventional colors like black, blue, green, or golden to create aesthetic and intriguing lines on your kitchen walls.

You can install backsplash tiles by avoiding common mistakes and getting professional help. You can always experiment with colors, cabinets, and countertops to make your basket weave design more prominent. If you are looking for one, we have the top 5 patterns that instantly elevate your kitchen. 

Trendy Basket Weave Designs For Your Kitchen

Basket weave patterns are mostly used to design backsplash walls in the kitchen. Backsplash walls are behind the stove, these walls are more prone to grease, splash, or damage. So people like to lay robust tiles in this area. You can play with colors, materials, and patterns to create your kitchen's most vibrant backsplash wall. Here are a few ideas that we think can stand out. You can choose these or use your creativity to design one yourself. 

1. White Basket Weave Backsplash

Most people want their kitchens to be clean, sleek, and minimal. White ceramic or porcelain long tiles are the best choice for this look. You can lay tiles in a basket weave pattern behind the countertop and install white cabinets and fixtures, giving your kitchen a symmetrical look. This design is perfect for people who love monotones and want their home to look stylish. You can choose either matte or glossy tiles to create a sleek design in your kitchen.

white basket weave backsplash

2. Green Basket Weave Backsplash

Subway layouts are perfect for kitchen backsplash tile since they add visual appeal and movement to the environment. Having a green basket weave mosaic backsplash is an ideal idea to complement the richness of this kitchen with a stylish backdrop. With wooden exposed beams, floating shelves, copper kitchen sink, and potted plants, you can make a rustic twist against the clean appeal of the cabinets and enhance the eclectic vibes.

green basket weave backsplash

3. Teal Basket Weave Backsplash

Teal is the color that has become trendy in recent years. It has cool tones and gives your kitchen a unique, catchy backdrop. You can create an appealing basket weave pattern using long teal-colored tiles. Afterward, you can pair it with grey countertops and wooden cabinets to give your kitchen a depth. You can also decorate your kitchen with blue chairs and plants to give it more color and vibrance. The teal color in the backsplash will cool all the tones and give your kitchen a more sophisticated look.

teal basket weave backsplash

4. Ceramic Basket Weave Backsplash

Ceramic is one of the most sturdy materials that can withstand harsh conditions for a long time. Ceramic tiles are available in multiple colors, textures, designs, and sizes, allowing you to translate your vision into a reality. Pair it with dark wood, light gray cabinets, and a dark wood kitchen island, making your kitchen a soothing corner of the house. You can use square matte ceramic tiles to create a more stylish basket weave, making your kitchen more minimal yet classy

ceramic basket weave backsplash

5. Combination Basket Weave Backsplash

As previously discussed, basketweave design means endless ideas and options. One popular choice is white glossy mosaic tiles, green marble countertops, and wooden cabinets. You can use blue, rose gold, or black marble as well, these colors are well-coordinated with white subway tiles. This design is peculiar as it gives your kitchen a spacious and bright look. Use charcoal or golden grout to achieve a more personalized look. 

combination basket weave backsplash

The trends in decorating homes are everchanging. In such an evolving world, basket weave tile can help you achieve what you dream of. It is not a new trend, yet it can give your house a stylish, sleek look that makes it stand out. Remember, perfect grout is the only tip to help you achieve an intriguing, aesthetic appearance, whether using ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles.

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How to install basket weave tile without professional help?

You can install these tiles yourself. However, the basket weave pattern is complicated and needs precise cutting and detailing. It is advisable to hire a professional to get seamless results. 

Why basket weave design is getting hype for wall tiles for kitchen?

Basket weave is getting hype because it offers timeless elegance, adds texture and visual interest, and comes in various materials and styles to suit any kitchen.

What is the ideal color for the kitchen backsplash tiles?

White and beige are the colors that give light and space to the kitchen area. However, you can use metallic and monochrome colors in the kitchen for a bold look.