Top Secrets To Get Spacious Bathroom Look With Perfect Bathroom Tiles


Your bathroom needs to give a refreshing and calming feeling. We understand that choosing the tiles that give exactly these feels for your home may be difficult. Why? Because all bathroom tiles come in so many shapes, colors, materials, sizes, textures, and patterns. So, to make this choice easier for you, we have compiled a list of secrets that can help you choose the right tiles for your bathroom. 

Secrets To Choosing Bathroom Tiles Effectively

Go through this list of secrets and utilize them to choose effective tiles for your bathroom. Let’s discuss each secret in detail one by one.

1: Calculate Your Bathroom Tile Budget

The first step is to set your budget or a range. This is very important as you need to know what you can afford. Setting a budget gives you an idea of the overall budget cost. This keeps you in check and saves you from splurging or overspending on one aspect of your tiles and the tiling of your bathroom. 

2: Calculate How Many Tiles You Need

First of all, you have to decide how much floor and walls you want your tiles to cover. You also have to consider the shower and tub walls for this. You have to find out the total square feet you need the floor tiles to cover so that an estimated minimum is there. For wall tiles, you should estimate the inches you want the tiles to cover from the flooring. 


1) Tiling the shower walls from floor to ceiling is the best option. 

2) Tiles act as a backsplash for tubs. This adds beauty as well as protection to your wall.

  • This Marble Tile is Great for elevating designs of Showers, Backsplash, accents, or Feature Walls.

  • Shade, Pattern, and size variations are inherent characteristics in all mosaics

  • All Natural Stones could bring minor imperfections that can be covered with grout and will not change designs or patterns.

  • Size: 12x12

  • Mesh Mounted

  • Natural Stone Material

  • Material: Gres Stoneware

  • Finish: Matte

  • Frost Resistance: Yes

  • Wight: 45 lbs per box

  • The price is per Box.

  • Material: Gres Stoneware
  • Finish: Matte
  • Frost Resistance: Yes
  • Weight: 45 lbs per box
  • The price is per Piece.

3: Choose A Tile Material For Your Bathroom Tiles

Every type of tile material has its own pros and cons. You can also choose different types of tiles for bathrooms that make a beautiful design collectively. Remember when you choose multiple tiles you do not have to choose the same material for all of them.  Some popular tile materials include ceramic, porcelain, glass, quartz, and natural stone.  

TIP: Consider the maintenance and process of cleaning for the tile material you are choosing.

4: Choose A Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme is very important. It makes up one specific theme in your bathroom and also makes the bathroom look spacious. It is a good choice to choose your accent tile first if you are confused about what color scheme to opt for. Then you can choose the color scheme around the color, patterns, and shades of the accent tile.


1) You need to keep in mind the moods created by specific colors at the time of purchase. 

2) If you plan to sell or rent your house in the future, a neutral color palette will be suitable.

5: Choose An Accent Tile

If your tile budget permits you to go for an accent tile, it is the best option! Even though accent tiles are expensive, they do not have to cover a lot of areas in your bathroom to make a beautiful design. Classic bathroom tiles like simple glass tile or ceramic tile in a unique color can add a special touch to your bathroom.

TIP: Choosing white or neutral-colored tiles makes your small area of accent tiles shine bright.

6: Choose Tiles For Bathroom Walls, Floor, And Shower

After choosing the color scheme and accent tile, the next step is to choose tiles for each bathroom area. We recommend a larger tile size for the main bathroom floor because it minimizes grout lines. Grout lines are very hard to clean in the long run. Remember to do a slip test before purchase. You can choose wall tiles according to the color palette and the accent tile was chosen earlier.

TIP: You can choose different wall and floor bathroom tiles if you want to. 

  • Design: Mosaic

  • Size of sheet: 12" by 12"

  • Thickness: 6mm

  • Floor: Yes

  • Material: Stone and Glass

  • Collection: Casablanca

  • Material: Gres Stoneware

  • Finish: Matte

  • Frost Resistance: Yes

  • Weight: 45 lbs per box

  • The price is per Box.

  • SQFT PER BOX    12.70

  • PIECES PER BOX    30

  • This tile has variations since it's made of natural stones.

  • This tile is great for Accent Walls, Backsplash, Bathrooms, and Shower Floors.

  • Hex Greek Mosaic

  • %100 Natural Stone

  • 11.81" X 11.81" 

  • Mesh Mounted

7: Choose A Tile Shape And Size

You have a lot of options in the proportions and dimensions of tiles even if they are of traditional shapes like squares or rectangles. A large square tile and a small square tile will give very different end looks in your bathroom interior. So, choosing the right shape and size matters a lot.

TIP: You can also take advice from a tile consultant for this step.

8: Choose A Tile Layout

You have a lot of options for layout patterns with every tile. Even if you have chosen a traditional tile, you can make unique patterns with it by changing layout patterns. Some popular patterns of the layout include running bond, offset brick, stacked, stacked vertical, pinwheel, diagonal, and herringbone.

9: Choose Grout Layout

Choosing the right width and length of your grout lines is also important. Variations in grout lines can also make up beautiful and unique interiors with bathroom tiles. If you want grout lines as a backdrop, thin grout lines will do the job. But if you want to make your grout lines a special feature then you will be amazed. Because so many options for grout colors, proportions, and width exist. 


1) Dark grout lines will show white or greyish spots over time due to salts. 

2) White grout makes dirt in the grout lines more visible. So, use a grout sealer.

10: Choose A Tile Finish

Choosing a tile finish is important because it gives your tiles a texture. It can give a high as well as a low sheen - according to your preference. The finishing process is also important because it changes its slip and water resistance. So, choosing the appropriate tile finish is important.

Additional Tips To Choose The Best Bathroom Tile

If you use the above-mentioned 10 points at the time of purchase for your tiles, you will not come across problems. But if you want some more tips just be cautious.

Here are some additional tips that are suitable for choosing bathroom tiles listed below:

  • Pick a color palette. Do not use more than three colors. 

  • Vary the scales and patterns of your tiles.

  • Consider your grout layout carefully. They emphasize or de-emphasize your tiles with variations in their size.

  • Prefer function over appearance when you choose tile finishes.

  • Take tile maintenance into consideration at the time of purchase as well.

Final Remarks

Thus, if you are in search of the perfect bathroom tile, this blog will be of extreme help to you. You can make a supreme and beautiful bathroom if you follow these 10 steps and additional tips. Contact us now if you want to buy bathroom tiles to make beautiful and unique bathroom designs. If you have any more questions, you can comment and we will get back to you!