Add Versatility to Your Backyard With Our Ideal Pool Tiles

A swimming pool adds zing to your house, making it more appealing and luxurious to visitors. Quality pool tiles made them more attractive and long-lasting, helping homeowners enjoy this luxury for a really long time. If you are looking for unique but timeless tile designs for your home, Tiles and Deco is your ultimate stop. 

We offer a myriad of options, and you can choose and create any design to bring life to your vision. From classic to contemporary, we have everything for all tastes and preferences. From iridescent glass tiles to ceramic, stone, and marble, we have all the colors, textures, and patterns to adorn your swimming pool in any design. 

Let's talk about the best swimming pool tiles for swimming pools.

Tiles and Deco offers multiple types of tiles suitable for swimming pools. The pool must have tiles that are not fragile, heat and chemical-resistant, dense, and non-slippery. Getting all these qualities in tiles is quite challenging. However, we have a few options to help you get what is best for your swimming pool.

1. Porcelain Mosaic

 It is a timeless choice in glass pool tiles, offering maximum density and longevity. Porcelain mosaic tiles are made with durable glass, enabling you to create any design in your swimming pool area. Moreover, these tiles are perfect for the pool’s floor, walls, or accents.

2. Texturized Glass Tile

Another option that is getting popular these days is textured glass tiles. This floor and waterline pool tile gives the corner a unique texture and depth, making it more attractive to visitors. Moreover, their non-slip and heat resistance makes it an ideal choice for a sleek and elite look. 

3. Iridescent Tiles

One tile with a reflective power and capability of making your swimming pool an elite water-light show is iridescent pool tiles. Tiles and Deco offers these tiles in multiple colors and designs, conveniently helping you get that sophisticated appearance. 

4. Mixed Glass Tile

Mixed Glass pool coping tiles bring a perfect green color to a pool, highlighting your pool area and its surroundings. It is available in multiple shades and can be used in pools, spas, waterlines, and backsplashes. These tiles are frostproof and resistant to fading, staining, and discoloration.

Colors That Splashes The Luxury In Your Pool Area

Not everyone likes traditional or standard color combinations to decorate their swimming pools. Considering this diversity, Tiles And Deco has many colors and pool tile designs, enabling you to bring creativity out and develop any design you like. Our list of pool tile colors are

Aqua Green
Black and White Blue Brown  Brown and Blue
Caribbean Blue Cream and Voilet Green Grey
Indigo Marine Tiffany Orange
Turquoise White Yellow  Graphite Grey

Modern Pool Tile Designs From A Designer Perspective

All designers prefer ceramic or glass pool tiles to decorate swimming pools. Both these tiles are easy to install and maintain, offering maximum aesthetic appeal to the pool. Moreover, these tiles can come under budget, so homeowners can experiment with them and create any illusion without fear of breaking bank accounts. Here are some pool waterline tile ideas that might help you design your pool area.

Our first pick is dark-colored unique pool tiles to decorate your swimming pool. Dark colors instantly boost the vibe, giving the swimming pool a bold and striking effect. To get this effect, you can select dark green or dark blue porcelain or ceramic pool tiles from Tiles and Deco.

If you like simple or sleek designs, you can opt for grey or beige-colored porcelain pool tiles for an antique and elegant design. You can get turquoise water through these colors, which gives an alluring effect. Pair it with natural plants and wooden furniture and get a calm and tranquil corner for your leisure time.

If you want water to be a hero of your pool, select our snow-white large swimming pool tiles. White color enhances the water, giving it a reflective and shiny effect. Whether you place artificial lights or use natural light, this swimming pool is both stylish and sophisticated. 

Another appealing design you can create with our pool tiles 6x6 is getting patterned in the pool. You can choose multiple shades of blue porcelain mosaics to green ceramic tiles to bring a unique and luxurious touch. Aqua color tiles can also give a nice illusion under the water, making it look sleeker.

If you don't like the standard colored tiles, you can choose black and orange tiles for your swimming pools. Black gives it a bold look, and orange adds a little zing to its surroundings. Pair the pool tiles with LED lights and matching furniture for a bold and vibrant outlook.

Whether you want to shop for waterline pool tiles or want unique intricate designs for swimming pools, Tiles And Deco has it all. Our collection of porcelain, glass, and ceramic tiles offers versatility and elegance to your swimming pool area. To explore your options or place your order, visit our website now!



How much does it cost to install a glass mosaic backsplash?

The exact cost of installing a glass mosaic in your kitchen depends on the scale of your kitchen, material type, the tiles cutting, and the tile company's efficiency. Contact your trusted company to get accurate quotations.

Are mosaic tiles good for backsplash?

Yes, mosaics are easy to install, maintain, and clean. Mosaic tiles also come in various colors and textures that satisfy the creative instinct of every homeowner.

Is glass tile suitable for a kitchen backsplash?

Yes, glass tiles are suitable for kitchen backsplash because of their sleek appearance, ease of cleaning, and stain resistance.

Does the glass backsplash crack?

Yes, glass tiles can crack or chip if they come in contact with heavy material, high pressure, and extreme temperature changes.

Is glass backsplash out of style?

No, glass tiles are the evergreen option for kitchen backsplashes and modern home installation.

Does the glass tile backsplash need grout?

Yes, grout is necessary to fill the gaps between tiles and provide a complete sealing to prevent any damage in the future.

How much should tile cost for a bathroom?

The tiles' cost depends on the bathroom size and the material you choose to decorate your bathroom. For an accurate price quote, get professional help.

Is Iridescent tile more challenging to install?

Yes, iridescent tiles can be more difficult to install due to their unique finish and fragility.

Are porcelain or ceramic pool tiles better?

Porcelain pool tiles are generally better due to their higher durability and lower water absorption.

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