Premium Translucent Epoxy grout Clear


Premium Translucent Epoxy grout Clear 

Starlike Crystal EVO 700 - BUCKET OF 5.5 LBS

Translucent Glass Tile Grout

About This Product

Our NEW Starlike Crystal EVO Glass Grout is a Two-component, translucent epoxy grout for grouting transparent glass or artistic mosaics with joints up to 3 mm / 1/8th inch Product with ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Extremely easy to install and maintain. When applying grout to tile we recommend using The Tile Doctor Green Epoxy Float. This float is specially designed to spread grout into joints when grouting tile with epoxy-based grout.


  • World's leading high performance and high fashion glass grout material for glass tiles; grout based on aggregate made from glass beads, which allows the product to absorb the color of the transparent glass tiles and then change depending on that color
  • Recommended: Use Tile Doctor Green Epoxy Float for best results when grouting tile with epoxy - based grout.
  • Unlike other epoxy grouts on the market, the Starlike Crystal EVO glass grout catalyst (component B) is labelled only as an irritant; it is neither corrosive nor hazardous for the environment. Starlike crystal EVO is not classified as hazardous goods and is, therefore, exempt from transportation restrictions (ADR-ADN-IMDGIATA classes)
  • Mixture life: approximately 1 hour at temperature equal to +23 ° C (73.4°F), recommended application temperature: recommended between +18°C to +23°C (64.4°F to +73.4°F), walkable after: 24 hours at T is equal to +23°C (73.4°F), ready for use: 5 days at T is equal to +23°C (73.4°F)
  • Main features of this glass grout product are: translucent color that allows light filtration; smooth finish thanks to the fine particle size of the inert substances; extremely easy application and cleaning; high mechanical strength; water resistant; total absence of cracks or crazing after hardening; excellent chemical resistance
  • You can add a Jewels Additive packet to make 700 Crystal Glass Grout into jewelry like effects for glass tiles.
  • This Starlike Crystal EVO glass grout has been designed for grouting transparent and artistic glass mosaics; the translucent color of the joints allows them to absorb the color of the glass mosaics, thanks to being semi-transparent, the shades of the composition do not change: they assume a neutral tone that does not interfere with the image


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