Hexagon Glass Tile White Texture


Hexagon Glass tile White is a highly resistant glass tile. It has a texture that makes it non slip perfect for Floors, Backsplash Kitchen, Bathroom walls. 

This mosaic tile is mesh mounted and sold by the sheet. 

  •  Stain Resistant 
  •  Sheet size: 12,5" x 11"

For the last couple of years, tiles or hexagon forms have become one of the primary movements in tile design. A unique layout a lot like a honeycomb makes glass and stone white hexagon tile feel fresh and individually, however, this is not its only benefit. The hexagon shape allows playing with a mixture of colors and applying numerous tones in decor, while glossy & frosted hexagon mosaic is the perfect solution for both large and small premises, as its fractional design doesn't overload the area. The material, scheme, shape, color and size of the hexagons in the layout of this glossy & frosted tile are carefully chosen for creating a unique look you can creatively combine into a number of settings.

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