Royal Light Blue 1x2 Glass Pool Tile


Royal Light Blue 1x2 Glass pool tile is a combination of Traditional Blue Blend Colors with a New Modern Pattern. 

Patterns Available:

  • 1"x1" 
  • 1"x2"
  • Modern Pattern of 1"x 1" - 1" x 2" - 1"x 3" - 2" x 2"

These Glass Mosaic Tiles For Sale tile is suitable for Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Fountains walls, Waterlines, Bathrooms, and Backsplash. 

  • The thickness of  the Tile is 4mm
  • This Tile is Mesh mounted
  • The Sheet Size is 12" 7/8 x12" 7/8
  • Frost Proof 
  • Impervious to Liquids and Vapors. Resistant to fading, staining, and discoloration
  • Shade and size variations are inherent characteristics in all mosaic and glass Pool tile products


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