4 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Shower Floor Tile

Building a house is the biggest achievement of anyone’s life. People love to spend thousands of dollars on minor details of their homes. While perfecting each corner, sometimes they overlook a few things while installing shower floor tile.

Shower floor tile

Shower Floor Tiles must be selected after a lot of consideration. Depending on the homeowner's preferences, it comes in various colors, sizes, and textures. If someone wants to get a tile that lasts for long, they must choose a water-resistant, non-slippery, and aesthetically pleasing tile to make your bathroom look vibrant.

In the quest to achieve these attributes, homeowners or builders commit a few bathroom mistakes. These minor mistakes negatively impact the longevity and durability of floor tiles. 

What Are The Mistakes In Abstaining While Lying On The Shower Floor Tile?

Shower areas are the most crucial part of any bathroom, as you may often find them wet. The constant presence of water can cause slippery floors, leading to accidents. If you have hired a contractor or are doing it yourself, try to avoid these mistakes to regret afterward.

Some of the most common problems are.

Mistake #1: Supposing Grout, Tile, And Sealers Alone Make a Waterproof Shower

Most tiles and sealed grout resist water, but without the proper preparation, water will find its way around them in no time. If you are thinking about How To Tile a Shower Floor, read the manufacturer's manual to install tiles correctly. Try using the same suppliers' products, like tiles, grout, or sealers. The same products have been proven to be more compatible with each other. If you cannot find the same brand, try to find something similar to get an even look. Ask your workers to try the waterproofing after the first coat is done. In some cases, one coat is not enough to get maximum protection. 

Mistake #2: Forgetting To Calculate The Proper Dimensions Of Slope For The Drain

Without proper drainage, your bathroom will always be wet, inviting infections and bacteria into your home. A few people do not pay enough attention to it and afterward look for ways to fix it. While installing floor tiles, ensure the shower floor has a ¼” per foot pre-slope (slope before application of any materials). Moreover, pea gravel or spacers should be installed around the drain and weep holes to enable drainage. Contact a professional if you are skeptical about doing this part yourself.

Mistake #3: Forgetting To Do A Flood Test Before Installing Tile

Before laying the floor tile, do not forget to run a flood test on your prepared floor. A minor hole can cause water to seep within 20 minutes of water contact. Run a few tests on the floor to avoid all kinds of leakage. Plug the drain for 24 hours and fill the shower pan with water. Check periodically in case any small hole exists. Moreover, if the water level drops in the shower pan, this is a big sign of leakage. After 24 hours, don't forget to unplug the drain and clear all weep holes and pipes to ensure a smooth flow.

Mistake #4: Selecting Improper Tile For The Shower

Not all tiles are made for bathroom or shower floors. The best tile for shower floors are water resistant, have a different texture, and can ensure safety in the bathroom. A few people install kitchen or pool tiles in the bathroom because of their unique designs. However, they get damaged early, and you might need to replace them immediately. Always select tiles with the specifications of wet floor use in shower areas. Moreover, select the different tiles for the bathroom floor and walls to create a beautiful vibe. Enhance safety with the proper grout and seal to maximize waterproofing.

You must also avoid breaching the waterproof membrane and find a shortcut to lay floor tiles. All these mistakes collectively result in your bathroom floor's damaged tiles and rotten look. However, whether you are selecting Bathroom Wall Tile or floor tile, make sure it is rated well to cater to water slipperiness and resist damage for a long time.

Tips To Make Your Bathroom Shiny

Apart from avoiding these mistakes, you can take many steps to make your bathroom reliable and shiny for a long time. Some of the tips are simple, and you can do it regularly. A glossy and clean bathroom makes your house a statement in the community.

Some of the beneficial tips are.

  1. Follow a periodic cleaning schedule for your bathroom wall and floor tiles. The best way to clean tiles is to use water and vinegar; they will remove all kinds of germs and bacteria. Avoid using harsh cleaners that may cause early damage to your bathroom tiles. 

  2. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated and airy. It will stop mold and mildew from growing in the hidden places of the bathroom. Use wipes and glass cleaners to clean the corners of the tiles. 

  3. Conduct a periodic polishing routine for your bathroom fixtures like handles, taps, shower caps, etc. Polishing will also prevent water spots and severe mineral buildup that reduces the life of tiles. 

  4. The most beneficial tip is to clean the grout of your bathroom tiles. Use baking soda and water to clean the grout using a small brush. After cleaning, do not forget to seal it again to get a fresh look. 

By avoiding common mistakes and following a few approaches, you can make your shower floor tile last long. These mistakes can significantly reduce the life of tiles as they allow water to seep in and cause damage. Remember, following a proper cleaning routine can make your house look new, a great selling point for society.

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What type of tile is considered the best tile for shower floor?

Mosaic tiles or textured porcelain/ceramic are best for shower floors, providing maximum slip resistance and waterproofing. 

How to tile a shower floor yourself?

First, ensure a quarter-inch slope per foot toward the drain. Prepare the floor with a waterproof membrane before laying the tiles. Lay the tile carefully using high-quality grout and sealing products. 

What color is trending in bathroom wall tile?

Earthy tones like terracotta and beige and rich jewel tones like emerald green are trending in bathroom tiles in 2024.