Use The Magic Of Iridescent Tile To Transform Your House

Home decor is a fulfilling activity for a homeowner. A little splash of color, the use of different materials, and a new accessory can make a whole lot of difference in your property. Homeowners try unique ways to make their homes more appealing and attractive. One such material is Iridescent Tile.

Iridescent is a tile made of glass that has unique properties. On a certain angle, it shows an alluring ray of colors, reflecting a color show in your room. The trend of putting these glass tiles is hyped up because of their aesthetic appeal and versatility. 

iridescent tile

The popularity of iridescent is not new. Its history goes back to the Byzantine Empire when this material was called “smalti.” It helps homeowners display unique colors in their kitchens, walls, and bathrooms.

It was considered the material available only for the elite class in the Victorian era. After a while, the production increased, and common people started using this glass to beautify their houses.

With more materials coming into the market, people stopped using iridescent. However, in 1992, when people realized the power of recycled tiles, iridescent took a rebirth and gained massive popularity. Now, many celebrities are using these tiles to decorate their homes and give them stylish makeovers. 

How To Style Iridescent Tiles In Your Homes?

Getting Iridescent Mosaic Tiles is easy, styling it is not. To get a sleek, stylish look, you must know how to play with colors and lighting to make them more appealing. However, home decor designers use various strategies to use these glass tiles in different sections of your home.

Here is how you can use iridescent to beautify your home.


Kitchens are the main part of your home where most actions happen. The family spends most of their time around the kitchen, so this area must look beautiful and have sturdy tiles to prevent accidents. Iridescent is known for its easy-to-clean and reflective surfaces. Using this quality, you can use these glass tiles on the backsplashes. Use bright lights, apply these Iridescent Tile Backsplash, and make your house talk of the town. 


Bathrooms are the second most important area of the house. Various methods can be used to beautify your bathrooms. The bathroom faces most water circumstances, so you can create a design to prevent water splashes. Iridescent can reflect the water without getting cracked or damaged, so you can place them behind the sink or shower so that the walls stay safe and non-slippery. Moreover, you can also use these tiles to create a design to use bathroom lighting to make it more attractive.

Backyard Or Swimming Pools

Pools are typically outside, so there is plenty of sunlight to use to play with tiles. The best option for pools is iridescent glass tiles. These tiles can easily match almost any material your pool may have, like ceramic, wood, and stone. Additionally, these tiles cannot absorb water, making them non-slippery. That way, you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew. Cleaning is easier as you can simply mop the Glass Pool Tiles with warm water.

These are just a few ideas for using the versatile iridescent glass tiles. With its reflective, non-slippery, and appealing features, you can transform any part of your home into a luxurious corner. Consider professional help installing these tiles for durable and long-lasting results. 

Colors Of Glass Tiles Available In The Market

Gone are the days when people used beige or white for their walls. Now, they want unique and appealing colors that stand out and make the room more vibrant. The best part of iridescent is that these tiles come in various colors and designs. You can play with any of your favorite colors and create a design. You can use one or mix and match all the colors to create an attractive light illusion in your home.

Here are a few examples of colors you can find these tiles in.

  1. White: Traditional white is the most common and attractive color in glass tiles. You can use it on the backsplash wall or in your bathroom accents to create a brighter vibe in your kitchen. White is a versatile color to use in any home, especially in minimalist, sleek, and modern-styled houses.

  2. Black: Another color that is getting popular among homeowners is black. Black helps create a bold look with an aesthetically pleasing design in your kitchen walls or pool areas. It is easy to clean and prevent oil stains, making it the best choice for backsplash tiles. 

  3. Blue: The most beautiful color in glass tiles is blue or bluish mosaics. This color coordinates well with swimming pool water and helps you create a perfect illusion underwater. Moreover, it gives a cool vibe to your bathroom, making it more relaxing and pleasing. 

  4. Green: The green color mostly has cool tones and works well with the water. So, it is commonly used in swimming pools and bathrooms. However, it can give an attractive, natural look to your kitchen.

  5. Pink: Pink glass tiles are famous for their preference for females only, but they can also make your kitchen or pool look brighter. You can also use white with pink tiles to give your home a neat makeover. 

Iridescent tiles are the perfect choice when you are decorating your home. It comes in various colors and has durable features, so you don't have to replace them for long. Moreover, using these tiles enhances the value of your house and makes it attractive and luxurious. Always consider buying high-quality tiles when renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or pool.

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What are the sizes of iridescent tile backsplash?

Iridescent glass tiles come in various sizes, ranging from subway tiles (typically 3x6 inches) to large format tiles (up to 12x24 inches).

Are iridescent mosaic tiles expensive?

Iridescent can be expensive because of high-quality glass and textures. You can choose cost-effective options by selecting a recycled glass tiles.

What are the common types of glass pool tiles?

There are two types of pool tiles, mosaic and reflective glass tiles. Both tiles have their features and benefits. You can use both of them to style your pool.