How To Clean Waterline Pool Tiles?

waterline pool tiles

Maintaining a clean and hygienic pool is crucial for the well-being of everyone who uses it. If you find cleaning the waterline of your pool to be a challenging task, don't worry. By following the steps outlined in this guide for cleaning your pool's waterline tiles, you can accomplish it with ease. 


Additionally, we have provided some other methods for keeping your swimming pool clean and aesthetically pleasing.

How to Best Clean Your Waterline Pool Tiles?

To effectively clean the waterline tiles of your pool, follow these simple steps with confidence and determination:

1. Remove all organic matter from the pool

Begin by removing any organic matter from your pool, such as leaves, dirt, small branches, grass, or any other living matter. Use a pool vacuum or a net skimmer to easily accomplish this.

2. Scrub the tiles with a brush

Use a scrub brush with stiff bristles to vigorously scrub the tiles in a circular motion. Work on a three to four feet wide area at a time. For glass tiles, use a scrub brush with soft bristles. An old scrub brush is ideal for small areas. Do not use a brush with wire bristles.

3. Remove dirt, body soil, and grime

Loosen the mineral deposits on the tiles with the scrub brush. Then, remove all the dirt, body oil, body soil, and grime present on the Waterline Pool Tiles. Mix a few drops of water with dry baking soda to form a paste-like solution, or mix a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid with one gallon of water to make a cleaning solution. Dip your brush in one of these cleaning solutions and scrub the tiles again. You can also use a melamine sponge for this purpose. Always wear protective gear to prevent accidental splashes.

4. Use a pumice stone

Pumice stone is an inexpensive product that is readily available at your local pool supply and home improvement stores. Keep the waterline pool tile and the stone wet at all times to prevent scratches. Use the pumice stone firmly but gently to prevent scratches.

5. Use a commercial cleaner

If the homemade cleaning solutions and pumice stone are ineffective, use a commercial cleaner with Sulfamic acid. Keep in mind that these cleaners are harsh and health hazardous, so use proper protective gear when using them. 


They should not be used when regular chemicals are already added to the pool. Do not use the pool for at least three to four days after cleaning it with a commercial cleaner. With these steps, your waterline pool tiles will be spotless and look as good as new.

Exploring Modern Waterline Pool Tile Ideas

If you want to give your swimming pool a unique and refined appearance, adding waterline tile is a great way to achieve that.


Here are some Modern Pool Tile Ideas For Waterline that can either give a minimalist, luxurious, or personalized appearance to your pool area:

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles come in various colors and shapes, and they can create a beautiful, shimmering effect in the water. They can also reflect the sunlight and add sparkle to the water.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone like travertine, slate, or marble offers an elegant and timeless appearance. Stone tiles can blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, creating a natural look.

Subway Tiles

Classic subway tiles can create a clean, modern look. Choose light colors like white or beige for a minimalist aesthetic or go bold with black or colored subway tiles.

Patterned or Geometric Tiles

Patterned tiles with modern or geometric designs can create a unique and personalized look. They can add a playful or artistic touch to your pool.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic tiles add a luxurious touch with a modern twist. They can create a contemporary, sophisticated look.

Mixed Material Tiles

Mixing different materials like glass, stone, and porcelain can create a unique and visually interesting waterline.

Dark-Colored Tiles

Dark-colored tiles can create a bold and modern contrast, especially in a light-colored pool.

Textured Tiles

Textured tile can add visual interest and a tactile dimension to the waterline. They can also provide a non-slip surface that is functional.


When choosing waterline pool tiles, it's essential to consider not just the appearance but also the durability, maintenance, and safety (e.g., slip resistance). It's advisable to work with a professional pool designer or contractor to ensure the best outcome for your pool project.

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What modern features are popular in waterline pool tile ideas?

Modern waterline pool tile ideas favor bold geometric patterns, reflective glass tiles, and rustic natural stone tiles for a contemporary aesthetic.

Why are swimming pool waterline tiles important for my pool?

Swimming Pool Waterline Tile create a clean transition between the water and the pool coping, aid in maintenance by reducing scum lines' visibility, and enhance the pool's aesthetic appeal.

How do the best pool waterline tile designs enhance the appearance of my pool area?

The best pool waterline tile designs, with their color, pattern, and texture variety, add a sophisticated touch, making your pool visually captivating and inviting.