How To Clean Waterline Pool Tiles?

Keeping your pool clean and sanitary is important for the health of everyone using the pool. If you think that cleaning the pool waterline is a tough and challenging task, do not worry. Because if you follow the steps in this big to clean your waterline pool tiles, you will be able to do so easily. We also have listed some additional ways with which you can keep your swimming pool clean and beautiful!

Steps To Clean Waterline Pool Tiles

You can follow these easy steps one by one to clean your waterline pool tiles. These steps guide you through the whole process of cleaning waterline tiles and make it easy and organised. So, let’s see these steps one by one:

1: Eliminate All The Organic Matter From The Pool

First of all, you have to eliminate any organic matter present in the swimming pool. This organic matter may include leaves, dirt, small branches of trees, grass, or any other living matter. You can remove them with the help of a pool vacuum. If you do not have a pool vacuum, you can simply use a net skimmer to get this step done.

2: Drop The Waterline Tiles (Optional)

Dropping the waterline tiles is an optional step. It is helpful so it is recommended when you have an ample amount of time. Why it is a good option? Because it is easier to clean the stained tiles when your waterline is below its regular position. You can easily drop the waterline of your swimming pool with the help of a pool vacuum.

3: Use A Scrub Brush

The third step needs a little more energy and effort. In it, you have to make use of a scrub brush that has stiff bristles. You can easily work on a three to four feet wide area by scrubbing the tiles in a circular motion. Additionally, you have to use a scrub brush with soft bristles if you have glass tiles installed in your pool area. Moreover, an old scrub brush works well for small areas.

TIP: Remember to not use a brush with wire bristles.

4: Remove Dirt, Body Soil, And Grime

The third step will loosen the mineral deposits on the tiles. After that, you have to remove all the first, body oil, body soil, and grime present on the waterline pool tiles. This can easily be done with two kinds of solutions. 

  • You can mix a few drops of water with dry baking soda to form a paste-like solution.
  • Or you can mix a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid with one gallon of water to make a cleaning solution

Dip your brush in one of these cleaning solutions, and then scrub the tiles again. You can also use a melamine sponge for this purpose.

TIP: Always wear preventive gear to protect your eyes from any kind of accidental splash.

5: Use A Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is an inexpensive product that is readily available at your local pool supply and home improvement stores. The important thing to remember is to keep the tile and the stone wet at all times. Otherwise, scratches may appear on your waterline and pool tiles.

TIP: You should use the pumice stone gently (do not use much force) to prevent scratches.

6: Use A Commercial Cleaner

You can opt for a commercial cleaner if the homemade cleaning solutions and pumice stone do not get the job done. A commercial cleaner with Sulfamic acid will be a good choice. Remember that these contents are harsh and health hazardous. So, proper protective gear is important when you are using them. Moreover, they should not be used when regular chemicals are already added to the pool.

TIP: Do not use the pool for at the very least three to four days after cleaning it with a commercial cleaner.

Additional Ways To Clean Waterline Tiles For Swimming Pools

Here are some additional ways that you can go for, to keep your pool tiles and pool waterline tiles clean and sparkling. Let’s discuss each one briefly.

1: Scrub Away The Calcium Deposits

If you see white deposits on your waterline tiles, you do not have to worry. They can easily be removed with a pumice stone effectively. Some other remedies for removing calcium deposits include scrubbing the tiles with lime, vinegar, rubbing alcohol baking soda, Epsom salt, or others.

2:  Use Specific Chemicals On Water Line Pool Tile

Common chemicals like ‘Simple Green’ and ‘CLR’ are also very effective in cleaning the waterline tiles for swimming pools. An acidic cleaner will also work wonders for your pool. It will not only clean your pool but will also remove, dirt, algae, minerals, stains, and after-effects of chlorine.

3: Power Washing The Water Line Pool Tile

Another way to clean your pool waterline is to use a pressure washer. With its help, you can pressure wash the waterline tiles of your pool. It blasts away all kinds of contaminating build-ups from your pool. If you do not have a lot of know-how about this method, leave it to a trained professional. 

TIP: This method is good for plaster and concrete areas mostly. 

4: Bead Blasting

This method is also used by professional swimming pool cleaners. In this method, they use small bead-like spheres. They are added to your pool under low air pressure so that they are able to blast all the scum away from the waterline tiles. This effective method reverts your tiles to a new-like appearance.

5: Hire A Swimming Pool Cleaning Company

You can hire a third party for this purpose as well. A professional pool cleaning company can also be contracted with for your pool’s regular upkeep. Regular maintenance of your swimming pool is easier than cleaning the pool after a long passage of time.

Ending Remarks

Cleaning your pool waterline just got a whole lot easier with these simple steps. You can keep your waterline pool tiles sparkling and beautiful by easily following these steps and ways. If you are looking for new tiles and designs for your pool area, you can get in contact with us now! We have a wide range of tile designs and styles. So, you can easily find tiles that suit your taste and preference!