How Recycled glass Tile is made?

How Recycled glass Tile is made?

The Process of making glass tile out of recycled glass is complex. This Will be a brief explanation of the manufacturing process of Recycled glass. These glass tile are used specially for pools.

Recycled glass tile

First, The raw material can come from two different types of glass. Bottles Recycled glass or Windows Recycled glass.

The raw material is taken to various Mills  where it is crushed until is converted into glass dusk. The glass powder is transported and filled into the molds. The mold is the one that gives the tile the sizes and form and thickness. 

Later, The glass powder introduced into the mold is highly pressed, in this process is where right after is pressed, The colors can be added with chemicals to make different types of finishes. 

glass tile chips

Now after the pressing machine it is transported to large ovens where it is cook into high temperatures. Then it is transported by conveyors belts to cooling down. 

After the chips are passed by the cooking process and cooled. It is taken into large baskets to be storage. It is storage like legos baskets and ready to be meshed.

This Is the main process of making the chips of the recycled glass tiles.



In the next article we will talk about of the process of how the chips are meshed.




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