Why Choosing Glass Tiles for Pools and Spas!

Why Choosing Glass Tiles for Pools and Spas?

I know when you look at Glass tile for pool you might think it is just too expensive! But have you really think about the benefits and the right place to get your tile to make your pool different and better looking than your neighbor? 

The Glass tile is use to make the pools in almost the whole world expect in USA. Why? Well it is because just one important thing. COST!! but when manufactures from different countries see that it makes them lower even more the cost to try to fit in the american culture. The USA market for pool tile is hard to get into but when you explain detail the cost and the benefits you will get a whole new perspective between choosing Glass or Plaster your pool. 

The benefits that will make your pool better are long term maintenance cost, cleaner pool free of bacteria, durability, and the most important better looking!

When you call the cleaning company and they come to clean your pool have you ever see if the brushed the whole pool? So to avoid that problem the glass has zero porosity that makes bacteria and dirt NOT to adhere to glass. The pool service will decrease your cost because they wont have to "Brush the whole pool". You will have to sum up the total cost per year for pool maintenance cost and that what you will reduce at long term the cost of the maintenance.

The Durability is another aspect to consider when you choose to tile your pool with glass. The glass  it's one of the longest-lasting man-made materials. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services estimates that it takes 1 million years for a glass bottle to decompose in the environment, with conditions in a landfill even more protected. Our glass tiles are made of 100% recycled glass, so first you will helping to reduce the pollution and you will get a long term good quality tile for your pool. 

and the most important characteristic for choosing the glass tile is the better looking, Diamond brite and Pebble tech companies are always improving to get better colors but at the end the pool will not end up looking with that bright and colorful looking that makes the glass under the water.  

If you have any question and want to find more about glass tiles for pools you can contact us!  info@tilesanddeco.com We will happy to assist you in choosing the right Tile for your Pool!! 


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